1. Presenting your home for sale correctly can return you THOUSANDS. In my experience a well presented home can add $20k-$50K on the final price. For this reason we work with qualified professionals to achieve this.


  1. Having a successful marketing plan that targets your buyer is the secret. In my professional experience, it is a must to bring in buyers from all of the sections of the community NZ wide, and my marketing strategies are developed to achieve this. The more buyers we have to negotiate with, allows us to once again maximise the final price.


  1. There are many elements to add to the Marketing package- You cannot sell a secret. Our strategies have been proven to get 10% plus in the final price providing it is out there. This comes down to utilsing my corporate negotiation skills in order to maximise the potential.


  1. Selling any home can be stressful for the vendor. I can considerably reduce that stress by providing sound professional advice thereby aiding you to make informed decisions rather than uninformed. We work as a team and communication plays a major roll. I work for my client 200% and manage the buyers to maximise the final result. This gives you peace of mind that there is no stones left unturned.


  1. In consultation with you I will run various open homes which will provide key information that indicate where the market is at and the value of the property. The more people we have through your home, the more feedback we get and this allows us to make the right decisions, whether we use an auction process or sale by negotiation.


  1. There are 3 stages to an auction campaign. If we use an auction process, the first stage is planning the marketing approach which is: CRITICAL. The second stage is the 3-4 weeks campaign. The third stage if not sold at auction is post auction. My experience has shown that normally it will sell within 1-2 weeks at this stage. 


  1. The communication you receive is a vital asset when selling your home. Through all these seven points communication is the key. My commitment is that you will never need to phone me to ask what is happening?